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Nike’s New Summer Collection Boldy Pushes Sporting Fashion


Nike has unveiled a bold new look for the summer 2016 season. The NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined collection is the brand new eye-popping brainchild of famed designer Riccardo Tisci. Riccardo first impressed the fashion world when he revitalized luxury brand Givenchy with his cutting-edge designs. His latest project aims to cut a brave new path for Nike sporting fashion.

The stylish new collection is proving to be the perfect vehicle to showcase Mr. Tisci’s gifts as its announcement is already garnering approval from fashion junkies around the world. It combines the utility of traditional Nike sporting wear with a lively floral patterning that distinguishes it from all competitors. The style is reminiscent of some of Tisci’s other haute couture designs defined by a fearless tapestry of colors and shapes that has become one of his hallmarks.

The collection arrives in stores in July and consumers can expect men’s and women’s jackets, shorts, tights and more. The first wave of products will be a strictly black-and-white affair. The vibrant floral line will launch the following month. In fact, the collection was designed specifically with dedicated athletes and fitness professionals in mind.

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