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Greg Secker: The Forex Trading Guru

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur who recently established the “Greg Secker Foundation”. The purpose of this foundation is to improve the lives of people across the globe. Secker uses his foundation to promote life skills and education.

Recent Endeavors By The Greg Secker Foundation

One of the notable achievements by the Greg Secker Foundation was during the recent typhoon that affected the Philippines. Greg formed an initiative aimed at rebuilding the community to enable the victims of the typhoon to have a roof over their heads and to be prepared for the next typhoon. The foundation is supporting this initiative to build 100 homes before the fall season.

How Greg Secker Ventured Into Finance

Greg got his first finance related job at the “Thomas Cook Financial Services”. After working here he landed an opportunity to work for “Virtual Trading Desk”. This trading organization was the first ever forex trading platform to deal with the kind of services it offered. For example, the company presents figures and facts in real time. Greg moved on to Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked as Vice-President of the company. During his tenure at Mellon Financial, Greg was exposed to the best forex traders and learnt a lot. His forex trading account grew tremendously causing him to resign from his job and continue with his trading at home.

A few months later, Greg formed his own company which goes by the name of “Learn to Trade”. The company has enabled Greg to expand his services to South Africa, the Philippines, London, and Australia. Over 200,000 people have benefited from Greg’s trading strategies by attending his seminars and workshops.

About Greg Secker

When you think about the who’s who in the world of forex trading, Greg Secker’s name will definitely turn up. Greg Secker is among the most successful traders in the world. This is why he has dedicated his time and resources to helping other achieve success in forex trading. Greg Secker is from Norfolk, England. Secker studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a degree in “agricultural and food science”. In the last 13 years, Secker’s firm, Learn to Trade, has been involved in offering training, workshops, and seminars to over 200,000 aspiring forex exchange traders.