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Paul Mampilly; a Great Investor and an investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly is very focused on business and investments. Paul was born in India, and later in his early age, he moved to America. He started his career at Wall Street way back in 1991 at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. With determination and hard work, Paul advanced quickly andacquired prominent positions at ING and Deutsche Bank. His progress was evident, and in 2006, Kinetics Asset Management employed him to manage Hegde funds. Also, Paul has invested in many companies which have given him high returns.

Paul Mampilly has achieved very many things as an investor. He invested in drug manufacturing company which specialized in developing drugs for muscular dystrophy. He then sold all his shares at Sarepta Therapeutics and got over two thousand percent gains. Later in 2008, Paul invested in Netflix which also gave him significant profit. His investment helps him generate more revenue within a short time through the stock market. He has also invested in Whole food business, Cemex, and Grifols.

While he was working at Kinetics Asset Management, Paul helped the company the company growing their assets at 26% annually. This significant development was as a result of creative and proper management skills that Paul used to manage the business. Paul was invited to participate in an investment competition sponsored by Templeton Foundation. In the contest, Mampilly started with$50 million, and after a year he had grown the investment to over $88 million. This made him win the competition.

At 42, Paul Mampilly retired and started Profits Unlimited which is a publishing company that finds good stocks in the stock exchange market. This firm aims to help many people to invest their money wisely in the stock exchange market. He provides great and valuable tips that are very beneficial to investors. Also, Paul has been invited to different Tv shows where he shares his knowledge and advice with people on proper investment strategies.

Also, Paul Mampilly offers advice related to anticipation of growth in food delivery systems, precision medicine, and electric vehicles. Mampilly believes soon significant development is anticipated in these industries and this should be taken as an investment opportunity. This advice should be taken into consideration as from his achievements; Paul Mampilly can be wrong.


Alexandre Gama: Choosing A Reputable Advertising Agency

If you are planning to promote or market your business or product in Brazil, you need to enlist the services of an experienced advertising professional. It is imperative to be sure you hire someone who has a good track record in the field.

When it comes to choosing an ad agency or advertising professional in Brazil, look no further than Alexandre Gama – one of the leading advertising consultants in Brazil.

If your industry is facing fierce competition as a result of the availability of new substitutes, you need to advertise effectively in order to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Through proper advertising you can generate interest in your company and your products and boost sales and revenue. Promoting your company and increasing your sales can be done by enlisting the services of a reliable advertising agency or advertising consultant. That’s where Alexandre Gama comes in – to help you reach target audience and present your company and product in a positive light.

Alexandre Gama is a top rated professional and he is CEO of Neogama, a prominent ad agency in Brazil. Alexandre Gama has been helping companies and entrepreneurs achieve great success with their advertising and he can help you reach your goals.

When you contact Alexandre Gama and his team of advertising specialists, he will review your company’s current advertising methods or strategy and make recommendations for improvement. Once you approve, he will proceed to create your advertising campaign. He will take appropriate steps to choose the right media outlet and implement your advertising campaign.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Made Grupo Televisa Better

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega works as the vice president of Grupo Televisa. He has worked there for several years and it is something that has allowed him the chance to make things better for himself and for people who were using the company to get the best media opportunities possible. Since Grupo Televisa has gotten better with the experiences that they have and the opportunities that they have for their own business. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega wants to ensure that they are going to be able to try new things and do more with the options that they have. Since he has been working in the industry, he knows what he is doing so that they can try new things and so that they will be able to do more with the experiences that they have.

While Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has always been doing business the right way for Grupo Televisa, he tries to make sure that he can help people out in any way possible. For example, he ran his own law firm for many years. At this law firm, he was able to help people understand their own media companies. He knew a lot about the different things that he could do and this helped him to make his business better as it grew to become a bigger part of the industry. He tried to make sure that he was doing everything that he could with his business and the people who he worked with.

Even before he started his own firm in Mexico, he was working to make things better for all of the people who he works with. He wanted to show others what they would be able to get out of their own media companies and the businesses that he had. When he was based out of New York City, he tried to make sure that he could help people with the things that they were doing and the options that they had. He also wanted to show people that they could try new things and do more than what they had in the past to make their business better.

A brief Overview Of The Mexican Mass Media Industry

Mexican soaps are widely consumed in many parts of the world, become one of Mexico’s media exports. The media in Mexico at large has undergone considerable transformation and the continued changes brought by the digital era will no doubt continue to influence the industry.

Televisao is a name synonymous with several productions. Group Televisa which runs several media outlets is the largest media house in Mexico, followed closely by TV Azteca. The Chief Finance Director is Salvi Rafael Fold Viadero, a man who has led the Grupo Televisa since 2002. He has held key management positions and at one time served as the Vice President of Financial Planning for Grupo Televisa and was general manager and financial manager a Commercial Mas, a subsidiary owned by Grupo Televisa.

TV Azteca, owned by Grupo Salinas is also well established, operating channels 13, 7 and 40. Over the years, TV Azteca has grown through acquisitions and currently runs a number of both terrestrial and cable networks.

In the newspaper, The New Mexico is Mexico’s most popular English paper. Ran by Novedades Editores, it published two daily papers and 15 magazines. El Universal which is one of the oldest that started circulation in 1916 is Mexico’s most influential newspaper.

The mass media market in Mexico also has Radio and Magazines. Nexos, Gatopardo, Proceso, and Emeequis are among top ranking magazines that dominate the industry. Televisa Radio, a subsidiary of Grupo Televisa also commands a good share of the market, sharing the top rank with Radio Acir and Radio Formula.

The media industry in Mexico has undergone tremendous changes over the last few decades. As political, economic and social factors continue to shift, the mass media is expected to adjust accordingly. Utilization of the digital space is among factors that will influence the media.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Has Integrated A New System, Allscripts

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are pairing up with Allscripts and NantHealth in implementing a system that is available to all physicians in the Cancer Treatment Centers network. This system was built so that hundreds of cancer physicians across the nation has access to data concerning cancer care and treatment options. This gives patients and physicians a chance to sit down and review the treatment options available and decide on what is the safest course of action during the patient’s treatment journey.

All research is inputted in the Allscripts system. This research includes but is not limited to complementary therapies and different treatment options specific to the cancer and the patient’s needs. This system compares treatment options along with the cost for the specific cancer the patient has. It also shows what is the safest treatment along with the most efficient for the specific cancer need. Allscripts runs on real time so that all treatment options are up to date and the clinical data is up to date on each treatment option.

According to WebMD, Allscripts was built with the patient in mind so that their quality of life doesn’t suffer during their treatment journey. Each treatment option in the system has been carefully reviewed by cancer physicians and an advisory board that consist of nationally recognized oncology doctors. Each treatment is backed up with evidence, toxicology reports, and clinical outcomes. Once the patient and the physician decide which treatment option is best, the physician can then place the order through Allscripts.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a facility that specializes in cancers. It was founded in the late 80’s by Richard J. Stephenson, who lost his mother to cancer in the early 80’s. It was his mission to change how cancer patients were treated and cared for during their treatment journey.

His vision was to create an environment of hope and give more treatment options that are customized to each cancer patient’s needs. Staff treats all patients like an extended part of their family so that each patient’s experience is a pleasant one. Being diagnosed with cancer is a trying time for anyone and their families. Treatment options have come a long way and Cancer Treatment Centers of America use state of the art technology and resources so they can better provide each patient with the care they need and deserve.

Apply makeup correctly

We’re starting off with a primer because we want our makeup to last all day long. I’m applying a glowing one on the areas I want to highlight so that it looks like my skin is glowing from within. Next, Wengie is applying a matte finish foundation all over my face to turn down that glow. Then, starting from the middle of your face, blend out the product.


I’m going to set it all with a powder than will control the oiliness and shine throughout the day. I’m going to clean up my brow shape by drawing an outline above and beneath my brows. You can fill them in as well, making sure that the ends are darker than the beginnings of your brows. I use mascara to keep my brow hairs in place and make them appear just a little thicker.


Next, I’m applying a bit of highlighter along my upper eyelid. This helps brighten up this area and create an easy to blend base. Take some of the highlight color and apply it to your lid and brow bone. Now blend out all the color that you’ve applied. On the edges, sweep it up to lift your eyes.


Next, we’re drawing a winged liner with a liquid liner. This finish gives you a very clean and sharp line. Now curly your lashes and apply a natural-looking pair of lashes. I chose one that was dense but not super long. You can use mascara for this step or falsies.


Sweep contour color along the sides of your face, your forehead, and your nose in very large blocks. This will make your face look slimmer. Because it’s so blended out, it doesn’t look like you have a patch of contour on your face. It’s great for the daytime. Also, make sure you use a color that’s only slightly darker than your skin color and not super dark.


Apply highlight to the top of your cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin. Blend it out. I use a lip liner to clean up and create a very sharp lip line.

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ClassDojo set to launch the Dream Educational Tool

ClassDojo is the innovative app by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The app has been received warmly by teachers, students, and parents who have praised it and credited it with creating a positive culture in classrooms and initiating ground-up changes in schools at large.

Constant communication between the teacher and parents can be quite challenging. Most parent-teacher meetings only happen once per semester when the parents, kids, and teachers are brought together in academic days.

Even when it happens, it is hard for the teacher to address the plight of each kid comprehensively due to time limits and the number of parents who need to be attended to.

ClassDojo founders responded to such gaps in the market. They came up with an easy-to-use app that would bring together a community of teachers, parents, and students.

Teachers are able to come up with activities that they share with the parents. The parent ensures the implementation because, thanks to ClassDojo, he or she knows exactly what the student was learning at school. This communication platform enables both the teacher and parent to share and exchange ideas.

The founders of the app have realized their dream of helping parents guide conversations and support how their children learn and develop. The app is used by more than 85,000 teachers in private, charter, and public schools in USA. Most of the teachers that use the app have been impressed by its contents with most of them revealing that they would pay for the app if a premium version was to be rolled out.

The co-founders agree that the app will never sell users’ data to generate revenues. They said that they will find ways to introduce a premium feature that the parents can pay for. Even with the need to make money from the app, Liam Don revealed that they will first ensure that the app was loaded with educational materials that schools usually pay for.

Investors have advised ClassDojo’s management to ensure that any revenue channel they seek must be driven by the needs of teachers and parents.

The app could seek various methods of income generation including offering additional transactional services. Instead of parents paying for trips, lunch or supplies in cash, the app could incorporate a payment feature that parents can use to pay to the school directly.

Class Dojo was launched in August 2011 and received backing from key investors like Paul Graham and Ron Conway. It seeks to improve a student’s learning experience and connect teachers and parents to ensure support for the children’s development.