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Securus Technologies: Taking Over The Inmate Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is one of the leading prison communications providers in the entire country. The company has managed to stand out in the industry for the excellent quality of services that they provide. Right from video calling to voice calling, the company offers it all. The company works by outside payments, where by friends and family of the people inside these incarceration facilities can send money to accounts of the inmates, which are then used to pay for all the calls that are made. Alternatively, the friends and family can also choose to receive a bill at the end of the month for all the calls that were placed through the course of the month. They can then pay for this bill in the manner that they want, and then be allowed to re-access the phone lines for the next month.


Because Securus Technologies is a company that is working with inmates, it becomes crucial to monitor them and make sure that nothing wrong is going on with them. The company has implemented an inmate monitoring system, with which they track all the calls that are being made and also record all the conversations that are going on between the people on the inside and out. This information has been provided to judiciaries that are investigating the inmates involved and who want to go over the conversations as and when they happened. Securus Technologies has played a large role in supporting numerous cases across inmate, which is what the company believes in doing to uphold the security of America.


The company underwent a huge change when it carried out a merger in 2008. At that time, Securus Technologies was at the top of the field with T-Netix coming in a close second. The two companies thus decided to merge to form one large corporation and take over the communications industry.


The Life of Rick Smith and Securus Technologies

In 2008 the current chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Falcone announced that Mr. Rick Smith will be taking his place as new CEO on June 23, 2008. Chairman Falcone stated that their company resulted from the September 2004 merger of T-Netix and Evercom, two industries leading corrections market industry companies. The June 2007 acquisition of Syscon Justice Systems was an international brand leader in Offender Management Systems. Securus Technologies is continuing many innovation initiatives in many key areas, like architecture.

Mr. Smith was chosen to follow in Falcone’s footsteps because he has an excellent background and a great set of skills. He also has a great track record with Securus and has great experience in telecom. He has done a lot of work at Securus and he has also had many positions in a wide variety of disciplines at Frontier Corporation. Those jobs include operations, finance, IT, and business development among plenty others as well. Read more on

Mr. Smith’s last job was at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and he was CEO there too. In the nine years he was there, he managed to grow the revenue from around $30 million to close to $350 million. He also grew EBITDA to around $80 million and he grew CAGR to 48% of its profit. With all of that success he led Eschelon to a successful IPO in the summer of 2005. Rick also has a Bachelor degree of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company based in Texas. It was founded in 1986 with other offices located in different parts of Texas and Georgia. The company employs close to 1,000 people and has reported to have 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities in the United States. Securus Technologies serves over 2,200 Correctional Facilities across the United States and Canada. The company announced in July of 2016 that it had invested over $600 million in technologies and patents in three years. Rick Smith has clearly boosted Securus Technologies in the right direction and deserves a lot of credit for making the company thrive the way it is supposed to. Read more on

Securus Allows Prisoners To Convict Themselves With New Software

They call our criminal justice system an adversarial system. They say this because police aren’t necessarily on your side. They are not required to take the time to explain to you all of your rights.


For example, ICE Agents recently stood by the exit of a plane in an airport. They told everybody that they were going to check their documents in order to see if everybody on board was in the country legally. They thanked all the passengers for their cooperation before the document checking took place.


What they did not explain to the passengers is that they had a right to decline. The fourth amendment protected everybody leaving that plane that they, and unless the police officers had reason to believe they committed a crime, they did not have to show any documents.


I kind of like this adversarial system because it catches the idiots. Many criminals do not understand their rights and often get tripped up by adversarial law enforcement officers. But the best example of criminals tripping themselves up is over the phone lines through a telephone service called Securus.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that only deals with prisons and jails. Apparently, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas, but it is not the kind of company you want to get tangled up with only because it means you are in jail.


This telephone company records every single phone call made by every single inmate every single day. These inmates may be involved with crime inside or outside of the prison. They could be telling their guys on the outside to commit a crime, or they could be dealing with the flow contraband into the prison. These guys often trip themselves up by divulging their plans on recorded phone calls that law enforcement concerts using Securus Technologies software.


Attention: Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Reconnect

Time served in jail or prison without the intervention of social connection is a disheartening ordeal I’m often told. Luckily, Securus video visitation app is pushing the boundaries of communication through modern technology by keeping inmates and their loved ones connected. It’s literally disabled the barriers that have long motivated lonely holidays for inmates. Although I’ve not had an opportunity to personally try the app. My friends’ account of using it, are certainly encouraging. This app virtually brings inmates home for special occasions, Christmas and seasonal holidays. What better way to celebrate a birthday or welcome a new addition to the family? Securus visitation videos make every moment counts. Wives, children, and husbands suffer emotional trauma without the presence of a loved one who’s incarcerated. I’m surprised such a technology didn’t emerge sooner as it’s changing lives for positive growth and mental healing.


Securus Technologies operates out of Dallas Texas. It provides premium voice, video and email solutions to North American correctional facilities. In fact, it collaborates with over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. Securus breakthrough communication solutions have transformed the incarceration experience for over 1.2 million inmates. Furthermore, it extends a full scope of features that’ll greatly aid inmates in reconnecting with loved ones outside. With Securus online, inmates can easily manage their account, receive email/text alerts, track transaction history, and activity. Lower fees and reliable phone services are just the beginning. With convenient recharge funding options and multiple phone services, Securus addresses inmates’ everyday communication needs. The latest video visitation service has made life easier for those incarcerated and close relatives. Inmates have the option to pre-schedule at-home or on-site visits which eliminate frustration. A remote visitation is cheaper and convenient for both parties. Likewise, arranging a pre-scheduled on-site visitation is a time-saving, stress-free engagement.


In December 2015, Securus expanded its executive team with John Bell inducted into office as senior VP (Vice President) of sales. He commands a 100-man task force that included a two-tier hierarchy of sales associates. His role focused on product innovation and development. A highly talented executive, Bell formerly held leadership roles with telecommunication giants like Time Warner Cable, IBM, NTT Verio, Verizon, and AT&T. With over 800 products included in its portfolio, Securus is committed to advancing innovations and services. The company opened its office 25+ years ago and remains a relevant element in today’s evolving corrections industry. It’s launched the largest video visitation service in North America.

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