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Queens of Drama: A 2nd Act For Soap Starlets

“Queens of Drama” is a delightful series on the Pop network that stars several female luminaries of the soap world as they try to develop, produce, sell, and star in a salacious new show. The goal of the ladies is to land a pilot deal before the season’s end. Viewers follow the women as they work on their new series both from the production and acting standpoint. The show provides as interesting glimpse into the exhaustive process of producing and pitching a show. It turns out it’s not so simple even with successful actors at the helm.

The show follows Crystal Hunt of “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”, Vanessa Marcil of “90210” and “Vegas”, Hunter Tylo of “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and Lindsay Hartley from “Days of Our Lives” and “All My Children.” The ladies call upon Donna Mills from “Knots Landing” to help provide an astute, but stern voice in the development process. Of course the show is not without its drama. Question of loyalties come in to play that threaten to divide the women on their mission.

However, the show is more than merely a series of petty name-calling and fights that have defined other reality tv shows. It is clear that the mission of producing a viable show is paramount here and the women remain committed to it. The show highlights the power and efficacy of women when they unite for a common purpose. This is particularly poignant in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated. In this sense, the show champions the abilities of strong women who move fearlessly within their industry and are determined to defy odds.

Critics feel Crystal Hunt provides an especially keen voice of reason on the show. Reserved when she wants to be, but diligent and committed when difficulty comes to the fore.

Outside of “Queens of Drama”, Crystal Hunt has recently been featured in “Magic Mike XXL” starring alongside Channing Tatum. In 2014, she starred in the inspiration film “23 Blast” about a high school football star who defies the odds after being stricken with blindness. Also in 2014, as she announced on Facebook Crystal produced her first feature film, “Talbot County”, with her friend and fellow actor, Diana Ramirez.  Be sure to check out Crystal’s photography work as well, to see a different side of her.