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UKV PLC’s Tour of French Wines

The UK based wine company UKV PLC excels in acquiring and selling investment quality wines from around the world. You can rely on the wine consultants at UKV PLC to guide your total wine experience. UKV PLC can guide you on which wines to buy, what to pair them with, or when to sell prized bottles.

UKV PLC carries bonded fine wine and champagnes, such as Bordeaux, and authentic Champagne. Clients who purchase wine through UKV PLC reap many benefits; the wine consultants impart expert knowledge on wine pairings and ideal times to make a purchase or sale.The wine consultants at UKV PLC will meet their clients at the offices, or conveniently at the clients’ homes.

UKV PLC recommends that beginners familiarize themselves with a few notable regions: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire.


The Burgundy region of France has a strong reputation for producing both red and white wines. Pinot Noir grapes produce earthy Burgundy reds, while Chardonnay grapes produce fruity Burgundy whites. Burgundy wines can fetch quite high prices, especially the unique Côte de Beaune Chardonnay.


Due to its location on the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux traditionally ships its medium-bodied red wines to different countries. Most Bordeaux wines are a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, or Merlot grapes. Prices vary greatly in this region.


Not all sparkling wines are correctly considered Champagne. Champagne wine must come from the Champagne region of northeastern France. Winemakers in this area often use a traditional double-fermentation process, due to the cold climate.


The Loire region of France spreads across 87 islands along the Loire River. These appellations produce a truly varied spectrum of wines, from Muscadet (a light white wine) to Sauvignon blanc.

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UKV PLC Highlights Some Of The Top Wines And Winemaking Regions

UKV PLC recently gave a brief guide to the French wine that they sell. According to UKV wine experts, French wines are labeled by their place of origin rather than the flavor. This place of origin is the heart of a government-regulated classification system that details the winemaking practices and grape varieties for each appellation. The most prominent ranking is the appellation d’origine controlee. Various parts of France produce different kinds of grapes based on the soil and climate. Below are the types of wines and the place where they are brewed:

Bordeaux is situated on the Atlantic Coast and sells its products to foreign nations. This region produces a variety of grapes and has more than 10,000 vintners.

This famous wine comes from a region in northeastern France. Champagne is unique in the sense that it undergoes double fermentation.

This region mainly produces red and white wine. Burgundy uses Chardonnay grapes to make white wine, giving it a fruity and mineral-like flavor.

This region is diverse and produces a wide range of wines. It has 87 appellations and is located along Loire River.

France produces close to 8 billion bottles of on an annual basis. UKV PLC, on the other hand, is the leading supplier of French wine in the world. This firm works with some of the most skillful wine consultants in the business who possess a thorough understanding of wines. These wine specialists are knowledgeable in wine preparation and can offer advice on the best time to purchase this beverage.

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The British Wine Industry Continues To Develop With The Aid Of U.K. Vintners

From Scotland through Wales and down to the southern coast of England the interest in wine that has always been impressive in the U.K. is continuing to grow in a range of different ways. U.K. vintners are now found in almost every area of the country offering their services to local people and to those around the world who are hoping to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of these wine merchants, who Citrite reports includes wine specialists like the Welsh company Viader Vintners and Merchant Vintners who have built a strong following in Scotland.

U.K. vintners have played a key role in the development of the wine industry around the world with a major role being played in the global industry from the Middle Ages onward; vintners began developing the U.K. as a major hub for the wine industry as early as the 13th century and continue to do so over the centuries through to the present day. In the modern world, vintners have become such an important aspect of the British wine industry that apprenticeships have now been developed in the industry in a bid to make sure the next generation of wine merchants are trained and knowledgeable for the future of the industry, according to Glass of Bubbly.

One of the major bonuses for U.K. vintners who have traditionally been looking to develop partnerships with wine producers from traditional wine production areas of Europe and in the newly developing areas of Australia and the U.S. The English wine industry was always seen as something of a misnomer as the major U.K. vintners have always looked outside their own country to source the best wines, A&B Vintners, for example, looks to areas of southern and central France to bring the best wines to the public.

A good sign for vintners in the U.K. is the growth of the wine industry on the southern coast of England where a major surge in the number of vineyards has recently been seen. English wine producers have become specialists in the development of sparkling wines that have won awards around the world and have led to England hosting a major global conference to help develop the industry for cool climate wine production.