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Ted Bauman Explains Where He’s Investing In Land And Real Estate

Ted Bauman used to be an international economic consultant who has been to more than 80 countries. He says that a result of this is that he has gone through a lot of passports, filling all the pages up with stamps and visas. He doesn’t want to return the large majority of these countries ever again but he makes an exception for a few like Uruguay. He said he is actually visiting there soon because he is going to attend the Uruguay Investment Tour. This will take place at Punta del Este’s Grand Hotel from November 29 to December 2.

He says that investing in land and real estate in Uruguay is a very smart move for a few different reasons. First, they have some of the last underdeveloped fertile farmland on Earth. Since most of this tiny country’s population live and work in Montevideo in either the service or tech sector there’s a whole lot of empty farmland available to investors.

Most of this farmland is on the plains north of the Rio de Plata river, Ted Bauman says. The soil is rich with nutrients and has a huge, largely unused aquifer. Another benefit is the climate. This all means that cattle, forestry, and row crops all grow fantastic here. The land is also cheap, costing 1/3 to 1/2 what similar land would cost in America. What all of this means is that an investor can get double-digit annual returns by owning this land. Even better, they don’t have to live in Uruguay to operate it as they can plant a forest and have it processed at local pulp mills.

Ted Bauman writes three financial newsletters, all put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. He shows his readers how to make great returns outside of investing in stocks and bonds. His strategies lead to quick returns where safety is a priority. Ted Bauman also provides readers with other information such as which nations have the best financial privacy laws and who a person should talk to there in order to keep this sort of information safe.