Charles Koch May Be The First Republican Donor To Back Hillary Clinton

Political activist Charles Koch has always been a conservative even though he says he is a libertarian at times. Koch was recently interviewed by ABC News, and he said Hillary Clinton would make a better president than any of the Republican candidates including Donald Trump. That revelation is not good news for the Republican Party. The Republican establishment depends on Charles and David Koch’s support. Koch didn’t say he would support Clinton if she becomes the Democratic candidate, but the fact that Koch thinks she is the best candidate speaks volumes. The Republican Party is fragmented, and Donald Trump may not bring it together in July. If 80-year-old Koch is not onboard, there’s a good chance other big donors are going to keep their checkbooks closed.

Charles and David Koch own, Koch Industries, the largest private corporation in the United States. The brothers are worth more than $34 billion apiece, and they are not afraid to donate to causes that are near and dear to them. Charles has been giving money to conservative universities for years, and his donations to conservative think tanks are well-documented. During the interview, Koch said the rhetoric he heard from both Parties was not in sync with his political viewpoint, but he did say Bill Clinton was a better president than George Bush. Another Clinton in the White House didn’t sound like the worst possible scenario going forward, according to Mr. Koch.

Even though Charles Koch has known Trump for years, he believes the former reality star is not presidential material. David Koch travels in the same social circles as Trump, but Charles lives in Kansas and doesn’t have the same relationship with Trump as his brother. That’s not to say that David is going to support Trump either. Both of the Koch brothers are disappointed with the Republican Party and may not donate to any campaign this year.

Koch put his main objection with the Republican Party in simple words during the interview. Koch basically said that the candidates must act like Ronald Reagan and make the U.S. better rather than fighting and tearing opponents apart. This year has been a bloodbath in terms of personal attacks. The personal attacks are sending the wrong message to the people. Candidates are role models, and they should act as positive role models. The Democrats have done a better job, sticking to the issues, according to Koch.

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