ClassDojo Connects Parents to Their Child’s Classroom

ClassDojo’s recent fundraising venture broke $20 million, and the innovative educational technology company already has big plans for the investments. ClassDojo leads the pack in educational technology and their communications platform is the first free, comprehensive, accessible tool for collaboration between parents, students, and teachers.

ClassDojo founders aim to put ClassDojo in the hands of every parent, teacher, and child who wants it, and to this end they’ve promised that the program will always remain free to teachers. In the future, it’s possible that micro-transactions will be permitted, allowing parents to make quick, online purchases for lunches or field trips, without having to send cash with a child.

The program is focused on empowering and engaging parents, especially those who have been difficult to engage previously. The app can translate messages into 40 different languages to assist in communities where English is not the first language and since much of the content is visual in nature, non-native speakers can still enjoy and share in their child’s learning experience.

Teachers can share daily activities on a common area in the app called the “Classroom Story.” On this page, parents can check in to see text, pictures, or video of recent classroom activities or announcements. The idea is that this will create a sense of community between parents, students, and teachers, but will also foster at-home conversations about education and learning as well.

Giving parents regular (even daily, or more) glimpses into their child’s education can stop serious problems early on and help avoid surprises at progress report time. Teachers can easily post homework assignments for parents to see and can even directly (and privately) message parents with concerns or accolades.

Beyond that, the “Classroom Story” gives parents a starting off point to discussing a child’s day and talking about new lessons learned to reinforce educational material. Teachers report a significant increase in parental engagement when using the program, and because it makes communication so convenient, it creates a far stronger connection between the teacher and the learner’s family.

Class Dojo is already used in two out of three schools in the US, and over 180 countries worldwide.


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