Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Osteoarthritis Suffers

Ira Kirschenbaum, MD is a specialist in minimally invasive joint replacements and recontructions. He trained at The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is now practicing in New York, in a town called White Plains.

Dr. Kirschenbaum has created many instruments for different types of hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgeries. He even holds trademarks and is the actually inventor of some surgical equipment.

Ira Kirschenbaum, MD has an interview on YouTube about his alternatives to complete knee replacements. The video opens with information on a patient, explaining his active lifestyle and sport activities which leads to knee pain for him. Dr. Kirschenbaum then comes on explaining about knee resurfacing. Resurfacing instead of replacing the knee in it’s entirety is when they resurface one end of the bone with metal and a high-density medical plastic on the other side of the bone.

The knee has three different compartments and in his video, he tells that when only one part of the knee is damaged, then they have the ability to resurface just that one compartment. There is minimal trauma when only one of the compartments have surgery performed. Dr. Kirschenabum also notes, when a total knee replacement fails, the only alternative is to replace the knee again. If there is an issue with the resurfacing, then there is room to continue to correct things with additional resurfacing. The downfall, this type of procedure is not useful for patients with severe arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Kirschenbaum goes on to explain that 70% of patients with knee pain, have osteoarthritis damage to only one compartment and make great surgery candidates.