Empowering Community: NewsWatch TV in Review

Many of us rely on TV and social media to keep us updated on the latest advancements in technology, entertainment, and travel. Thanks to programs like NewsWatch TV, a show that airs weekly on the ION Network, we have access to information on a number of topics and product introductions we would otherwise not hear about. NewsWatch TV has been airing for 25 years, with a reach of over 96 million households. This show has given us over 10,000 stories on a variety of content, and it’s easy to see why a number of companies have chosen them as a source of crowdfunding.

Contour Design needed help getting exposure for their business in order to increase their sales. After launching their campaign with NewsWatch TV, Contour Design had a dramatic increase in sales for their Ultimate Workstation package. The promotional video from NewsWatch TV touched on a variety of features that made the Contour Design Ultimate Workstation unique, and ergonomic. This video was under two minutes but reached over 95 million households. Signature items like the Rollermouse Red were advertised in over 200 U.S. markets, and Contour Design was more than satisfied with the quality of their video as well as their increase in sales. NewsWatch TV was able to take a viable product and increase the revenue for it tenfold, enabling Contour Design to expand their client base.

NewsWatch TV has featured a number of stories on topics like medicine, public policy, charities, and new product introductions. Since 1990, their programming has featured thousands of stories, with over 650 of them being from featured celebrities. Their episodes have appeared bi-monthly on AMC, their reach extending nationwide. With programs like NewsWatch Review and Biz Report, NewsWatch TV empowers their viewers with an extensive library of useful information, such as employment sites, apps that can monitor your child’s online activity, and Anti-Spam devices. With the help of sources like NewsWatch TV, consumers and businesses alike can feel capable of finding and distributing resources.