Fabletics opens a retail store for fashionable workout clothing

The newest and the best place to buy any fashionable workout clothing would be at Fabletics latest retail store at SouthPark Mall. Fabletics has been known to create fantastic athleisure apparel and recently opened its seventh retail store at SouthPark Mall. Fabletics, also known as Kate Hudson’s brand, has been up against real giants that deal in clothing. The company has grown and expanded immensely in the recent past, showing that it can compete with the giants in sports clothing.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the growing retailers that initially operated online but has expanded to retail stores. Shoppers can have a close look at their products at several retail locations. Fabletics main aim is to create clothing that inspires one to stay active. Their apparel will be necessary if you have a busy schedule such as looking after your kids, sweating at the studio or simply being in sports. The trend on Instagram is of high in quality and something to always make you comfortable. Beyond clothing, Fabletics is a community that embraces the mantra “live your Passion.”

The success of Fabletics is attributed to its emphasis on lower prices, a fast-moving inventory and on bold colors. Their fashion wear comes with a unique style and details to sports. One example is the bras that go with crisscrossed back straps that have a paired backless tops that show off straps. There is a small additional section that offers menswear. However, women are the primary focus here. Outfit sold by Fabletics ranging from leggings, bras, tops to jackets. All these outfits have an emphasis on style. The store staff make a new arrangement of their store on the 20th of every month; they make a showcase of their newly acquired items. Fabletics brings in an entirely new pair of collections at the start of every month.

Fabletics opened its 7th store that is located at Minnesota’s Mall of America to sell stylish leggings and hoodies. The company has a five-year plan to open about 75 to 100 stores. It is worth noting that the firm has been on a rapid growth since its start in 2013. It has also had a massive social media following due to its co-founder and face actress Kate Hudson. In one of her interviews, she states that they want to mirror the stores to an exclusive online experience.

Fabletics has been undergoing a complete makeover regarding customer satisfaction. The company has been building an attractive image with its clients in the recent past. It recently planned for an audit and had considered changing some of its policies. The company itself has improved its customer relations and has received fewer and fewer complaints.