Gareth Henry an Alternative Asset Manager and Private Credit Expert

Gareth Henry is a world-renowned alternative asset manager, private credit expert and an entrepreneur. Henry is currently working as the head of global investors’ relation for a couple of high profile alternative investment management firms located in the US. Henry previous undertakings include serving as the head of International Relation at Fortress Investment Group including Angelo Gordon.

Gareth Henry is considered as one of the most intelligent mathematicians whose deep understanding of the subject earned him respect in the math complicated alternative asset industry. Henry is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh where he received a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. Henry has decades of experience in alternative asset management and has helped create increased awareness in the sector including raising a significant amount of funds for offerings in the industry. Read more on

The private credit sector has seen tremendous growth in the recent past due to many factors such as changes in the banks’ regulatory framework in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and challenges agrowth of the private credit sector first hand having served in the industry for decades. Many people seem to wonder how Henry can navigate through the complex world of private credit and be successful.

Gareth Henry success in the world of private credit is as a result of his extensive training as a mathematician and his decades of experience in the alternative assets industry. Henry excellent skills and achievements saw him appointed to Fortress Investment Group London as the Head of International Investor Relations where he was tasked with creating and executing the firm’s sales strategies. Henry performed exceptionally well in his role and was promoted to be the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets. Henry as the Global Head was charged with the responsibility of managing a team that focused on sales, marketing including client services activities for global clients.

Before Joining Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry served in a series of top companies at senior management level. Henry worked as Director of Strategic Solutions for the London based money management firm Schroeders. Other top firms that Henry has worked for include SEI Investment and the London based Watson Wyatt LLP.