Guilherme Paulus- Successful business person

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC tour company in Brazil. The idea came from his partner Carlos Vicente. They met on a cruise ship where they discussed the possibility of creating a tour company that can be of great benefit to the country. Paulus had the skills needed to run the company but did not have the resources. He was aged 24 years at the time. They agreed that Vicente would provide the resources while Paulus would get the operations underway. Guilherme Paulus has not disappointed as far as this industry is concerned. He has created a business that has transcended the expectations of the people. CVC is now the largest tour company in Brazil. Paulus was working as an intern at IBM when he got this idea.

Guilherme Paulus attributes success to the passion he has for his work. He tries as much as possible to retain the top position in the country. He always looks for new ideas that he can implement and make his work better over the years. He is always out on the road talking to customers and friends to see what more can be done to make his businesses better. Apart from CVC, he owns the GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Guilherme believes that listening keenly is one of the attributes that young entrepreneurs should embrace. They should listen more what the experienced business people have to say. It is better to learn from the experienced ones than going it all alone and failing. He also advises them about following their passion. He is successful because he did the right thing- following his passion. Passion helps you to be happy with the achievements you have made. It also helps you to wake up every day and attended to your business. When you follow your passion, you will always have the edge over others.

Guilherme Paulus has helped Brazilians to recognize that domestic tourism is very important for a country. He is trying to create an avenue that will allow the country to grow through international and domestic tourism. So far, his business establishments are doing extremely well.