How Robert Ivy Is Pushing For The Transformation Of The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is a firm that accepts membership applications from professionals within the architecture industry and other related fields such as those that incorporate design.

The institute has become a significant player within the American architecture industry by overseeing various projects and setting up regulations and policies while simultaneously preserving the history of the American architecture and design. The American Institute of Architects is given the mandate by its members to play an oversight body for the architects working in the industry within its jurisdiction.

The excellence in service delivery has seen the current number of professionals who have a membership to the Institute increase to 90,000. The American Institute of Architects also boasts of more than 250 chapters. The members of AIA are skilled, experienced and committed professionals who have over the years contributed positively to improvement and modernizing of the built environment.

AIA is run by a team of renowned industry professionals. The firm’s executives are highly ranked within the architectural, finance and the geology fields; this enables the institute to make holistic decisions and policies based on the guidance of experienced and informed professionals. One of the executives at the American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy.

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Robert Ivy is the American Institute of Architects vice president. Robert assumed this role with the objective of steering the Institute to a different position that can enable it actively engage with the stakeholders within the architectural industry. Robert Ivy has worked in different companies on various executive roles.

One such company is the McGraw; he was the director of the editorial at this publishing company. Robert Ivy has also had the opportunity to work with the Architectural Record Magazine. While working at Architectural Record Magazine, Ivy was able to lead the Magazine to success. The Magazine went on to receive top honors and awards under Robert Ivy.

In 2011, Robert Ivy took over the Vice President’s role at the American Institute of Technology. Since assuming office, there has been a gradual transformation on the institute’s focus. Previously, AIA had been a company more focused on preserving the heritage of American architecture and design; this meant that the institute played a more laid-back role within the industry.

With the arrival of Robert, the emphasis has been put on making AIA a more hands-on firm within the American architecture industry. With this transformation, the institute provides an oversight role while at the same time contributing to the industry with the aim of enhancing it.

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