Impacts of Using Dojo Monsters in videos to Teach Growth Mindset by ClassDojo

ClassDojo is set at improving the education sector innovatively. During its launch, the founders weren’t so sure where it would reach, but it has surpassed their thinking, and they are on a better trend. Currently, since it has been accepted by various schools around the globe, it is extending its services to a wider market. ClassDojo is on a mission to change the mindset of the children through the use of video monsters.


ClassDojo has made communication among the parents and the teachers much easier and informative by its application. Parents can track the activities that their students are doing at schools making the app a tool that is growing the education sector in making secure means by which the parents can obtain certain information. It is creating a class to be a close-knit community through the use of photos and video and messages.


Teachers are supposed to take pictures and also snap videos about given activities at school, and then post them to the app where the parents will download them and receive the necessary information that they need. It also eases the process of trying to know how they will train their children when they are at home.


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don to improve communication in the education sector. They are currently facing competition from various Ed- Tech companies, but their innovative has superseded the competitive products that are in the market. ClassDojo is working closely with educators, and most of the staffs are drawn from fields of technology and education. Such a combination is the best to offer the right products to the market where each and every individual feels appreciated and work positively.


Children at classrooms are supposed to think positively and have the right attitude towards learning. ClassDojo in conjunction with Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) by Stanford Institution is in the process of researching the best ways of inputting videos and at the same time teach kids about a positive mindset.


Every activity starts from the mind. When the right attitude and thinking is instilled in the students, they are motivated towards achieving the best in life as compared to when they are discouraged and feel that they are not worthy anymore. Class Dojo using the ideas that they have received from educators will use the mindset growth videos to prove that intelligence and the capabilities of students can be improved if the right words and actions are said over and over again.


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