Kate Hudson is a well-known Hollywood actress and her Fabletics activewear brand is now becoming a fashion trend. Fabletics is a growing fashion wear brand that has managed to reach great heights in only three years. The $250 million business has managed to thrive despite Amazon’s domineering presence in the e-commerce business.


Fabletics can attribute most of its success to strategic positioning, unique designs, fashion brand membership, brand recognition, customer experience, gamification elements and last mile service.


The high-end athleisure brand has likened itself to companies such as Warby Parker and Apple. Although Fabletics started out online it has branched out and it now has 18 physical stores situated in Illinois, California, Hawaii, and Florida. The fashion brand plans on opening other stores in sixteen other locations.


Fabletics and the reverse showrooming concept


Although many fashion brands have highly discouraged the reverse showrooming concept, Fabletics encourages it as a strong point in their marketing strategy. Let’s face it most people just browse offline and find out the best trends before going to buy cheaper versions in others stores.


However, this doesn’t happen with Fabletics as most members purchase online before they walk into the stores. The friendly and convenient method of buying items ensures that the consumer already knows what they are looking for before shopping.


Fabletics, General Manager recently revealed that it’s easier to purchase items that you are already familiar with. Gregg Throgmartin is a huge advocate of the brand’s personalized service membership service. So when a consumer shops and tries a certain item it is reflected in the shopping cart online.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics:


Kate Hudson is an award winning actress and in 2013 she co-founded Fabletics. The high-end activewear brand has been very successful and it had sales increase of 43% in 2016. Currently, Fabletics manages to rake in a $250 million profit rate. During the four years that it has been in existence, Fabletics has managed to get over 20 million Twitter followers. In addition to this, it has over a million monthly subscription memberships in a total of eight countries.


The brand has a VIP membership facility and members receive almost half price on discounts on cloth items. Fabletics members also get bottoms, top, and sports bra starting from $49 which is geared towards their various fashion and lifestyle inclinations.Fabletics offers a trendy personal service to all their clients.


With this in mind, the fashion brand has also expanded and included plus size in their clothing brand. Kate Hudson points out that the idea of Fabletics is to provide a high-quality clothing line that will impress women irrespective of their age, buying ability and size.