Madison Street Capital Releases Interesting 2015 Hedge Fund Report

Madison Street Capital, one of the top investment banking and financial institutions in Chicago, has recently released a report on 2015 mergers and acquisitions in the hedge fund industry. The overview, as noted on, is the fourth edition of its M&A overview. The report examines 42 different hedge fund ventures that took place during 2015.

Those who do not follow financial news closely might assume the somewhat sluggish economy would bode poorly for the hedge fund industry. In less-than-thrilling economies, it is usually considered wise to avoid any risky or massive deals. The hedge fund industry was a lot more active than expected in 2015. The number of mergers and acquisitions was up 27% over 2014 numbers. That would reflect a significant amount of activity in the industry.

A more-detailed examination of the scenario shows the fourth quarter of 2015 saw the highest amount of activity. So, it is reasonable to assume the number of transactions during the first nine months of 2015 would have been much higher in a more robust economy.

Regardless of how weak the volume of transactions during the first three quarters of 2015 were, the year ended on a very high note. The huge volume of transactions prove this.

The professionals at Madison Street Capital positively do understand the hedge fund industry. Those working for the company are also involved in a number of different tasks including corporate advisory, business valuation, financial opinions, and more. Madison Street Capital is truly and international company as the firm has clients all over the world.

The next hedge fund mergers and acquisitions report should prove very interesting to read. The report is not going to come out for many months, but there is probably some great anticipation for the release. If hedge fund activity remains strong, this could be a possible indicator of positive economic growth to come.

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