Organo Gold: Slowly Changing the World

The world is slowly changing with Organo Gold as it provides consumers with a different type of coffee than they are used to drinking. When people think about coffee, they think about something that may not really be healthy due to the high caffeine content. For the longest time, this is what people thought about coffee. However, this mindset towards coffee is slowly starting to change because Organo Gold is introducing a new type of coffee to different countries and cultures in the world.

The idea to put Ganoderma in coffee has come from Bernardo Chua. It was his idea to build Organo Gold with the help of a couple of others. Success is no stranger to Bernardo Chua. In fact, he was already successful in other business ventures before attempting to bring healthier coffee to the world. He has started this particular venture from a vision that he had which he is very passionate about. This vision involved bringing the herb that is native to China and other parts of Asia to the rest of the world.

The secret to the success of Organo gold lies in the use of this ancient Chinese herb. Bernardo has won many awards thanks to this herb. It also involves the marketing of the product by experts that know how to highlight the selling points of the product in order to raise awareness as well as the desire for the product. The company got its start in 2008 in Canada when three people got together and decided to market the products that had a lot of health benefits and were natural. They worked as independent distributors in order to spread awareness of the product. It has expanded to more than 30 countries in the world.

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