Pop into the Freedom of Low-Cost Mobile Coverage

For individuals who are in search of mobile communications support on a budget, there is a company who offers unlimited voice calling and unlimited text messaging communications for an outstandingly low fee of five dollars a month. FreedomPop is that company.

FreedomPop is a company with the goal of providing budget friendly voice and text communications to citizens of the United States. The way FreedomPop is able to provide the services they do at such an unbelievable price point is through their nation wide Wi-Fi network. The network in question is comprised of Wi-Fi connectivity points including hotspots both public and private throughout the entirety of the United States. When FreedomPop first began: the network consisted of over 10 million connectivity hotspots and as of 2015 the network has grown substantially into a web containing over 25 million hotspots throughout the country.

Those living in metropolitan cities, especially are faced with the reality that their traditional phone bills, priced at hundreds of dollars a month, may be entirely unnecessary due to FreedomPop’s five dollar per month service fee; however, the entire country yields the potential to benefit from the services of FreedomPop. Commercial chain locations such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks and Best Buy are also carriers of FreedomPop hotspots, but the supported hotspot list is extensive much beyond locations such as these.

Beyond simply the reality that FreedomPop offers unlimited phone call and text messaging support over nation wide Wi-Fi is the addition of unlimited data and state of the art Android smartphone support. Users may use high performance, high end smart devices on a budget friendly network: a rare possibility. This fact alone will open the minds of potential FreedomPop customers. They no longer have to deal with using sub par, unreliable, slow, outdated phones due to not being able to necessarily “afford” traditional phone and data plans from larger name companies.

In terms of the most reliable budget cell phone service providers, there is one option that stands out greatly from the rest of the competition: FreedomPop. Five dollars per month is such a low price that customers could walk the streets of their town gathering loose change from the sidewalks and parking lots in order to pay the service fee while still making a substantial profit over the costs of their service. They could even go as far as to text, make phone calls and surf the web or use social media while gathering change in order to entertain themselves.

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