Richard Blair: Securing the Future through Sound Financial Investment

Richard Blair is a man interested in everything involving buying or selling securities—from stocks, mutual funds, to bonds among others. Being a former broker dealer himself, he doesn’t shy away from lucrative investment products that will bring both his clients and him insane profits. Richard is now the mastermind behind the Wealth Solutions, a company dedicated to grow wealth and assets for individuals.

Richard’s demeanour is enough to convince you that he will close that investment deal you entrust him with. To back him up, Richard Blair is a certified annuity specialist (CAS), estate and trust specialist (CES) as well as retirement income professional (RICP). Coming from a family of teachers, his skill as a financial investment instructor grew at a tender age, and only until he discovered his financial aptitude did he realize he could use his knowledge to change the world.

Richard is a seasoned investment and wealth expert who has dedicated his life to helping individuals, families, small businesses and conglomerates grow their wealth. He has been teaching investment and financial planning since 1993, and went on to discover Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solutions is the main channel Richard uses to reach out the entire world.

Through Wealth Solutions, Richard imparts Wealth Management knowledge on individuals, small business or families that have accumulated assets over time and need extra tips on how to manage it. Wealth management tips involve diversifying one’s investment portfolio, building current wealth and asset protection measures.

Using his experience in real estate and trust investment, and adding his annuity specialist certification, Richard is a sound Financial Planning teacher. He lets his students know the importance of having a financial plan which involve making tangible decisions concerning your wealth to help achieve your life goals. Through financial planning, clients can establish short and long term goals whether they are retiring, employed, or joining college.

Wealth Solutions also run programs on retirement planning for people looking at their senior years. As you plan to be financially free in your youth, it’s also important to have a game plan when you retire. This is the point when money should be working for you, as Mr. Blair would advice, and this can be made possible through one’s 401(K) savings, life insurance policy, or just personal savings.

Richard Blair is an accredited CAS, CES, RICP and CFS who knows his way around asset investment, diversification, and protection. He has 23 years experience teaching Asset Management, Financial Planning, and Retirement planning to individuals looking to secure their present and future life.

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