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Matt Badiali career development and Explanation of Stock Surge after the legalization of Marijuana

Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Earth Sciences and later joined Florida Atlantic University. Matt graduated with a master’s degree in Geology from the same University. He then joined North Carolina University where he worked towards earning a Ph.D. In 2004, he was introduced to the finance world by a friend who held a Ph.D. in the Finance industry and saw the potential of Matt Badiali making it in the Finance sector and with vast knowledge in earth science and geology.

Badiali was introduced to the Finance world so that he could offer investment advice to mid-level investors. Since his introduction in the Finance sector, the investors that followed his advice have succeeded in their business generating double and triple digits returns. In 2017, he started the Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter with a publishing company in Banyan Hill.

The education he had and the experience gained were essential for Mr. Matt Badiali to offer investment advice that will lead to success in the market. The market dynamics are broad and not limited to finance but also to scientific considerations behind the resources.

In 2017, legal cannabis sales were at six billion dollars, and this is an indication of massive gains in stocks according to Matt Badiali. The cannabis market is likely to expand gradually after its legalization in Canada and Badiali suggests that everybody should invest to gain from the legalization because he sees the potential of the industry skyrocketing. Despite having a great experience in a vast area of investment, Matt Badiali supports his advice with data. According to research by the CIBC Markets, the cannabis market is going to gain profits that will exceed that obtained in the sales of whiskey, Gin, bourbon, and scotch by 2020. Currently, wine is a $7 billion market, and cannabis is set to get to the $6.7 billion markets by 2020. The earnings from Cannabis within the next one year will hit the one billion dollar mark. According to Matt, the trend will continue in the next few years, and the amount is expected to increase gradually.

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