Talk Fusion and their Innovation in Video Chat

This is a recap of a recent article found on Business For Home which talks about the number one communications program that has exploded on to the global market. It is known as Talk Fusion Video Chat. Following the rankings of several app providers it is ranking 20th in Switzerland, 5th in Japan and 1st in Indonesia.

This new app is so popular do to the fact that it is available on all platforms, iOS, Android, PC, Mac and most tablets. On top of that it is much smarter and faster than any other app that is currently available.

Nancy Diamond from Grand Blue Diamond said in an interview that they use nothing but Talk Fusion due to the fact that it provides high definition quality and there is nothing that comes close to this product.

The global leader of Talk Fusion Mr Bob Reina who is the current acting CEO said that the company is not about to slow down and is building up to the launch of their 30 day free trial which has the world in anticipation.

The Alexa web ranking of Talk Fusion has also sky rocketed in the last 90 days due to the phenomenal traffic for both page views and unique visitors. It has climbed in excess of 30,000 positions.

The team at Talk Fusion is excited as there are many things to come when looking ahead. The app itself is being continuously perfected along with many added new features and other totally new products.

Talk Fusion is an up and coming global player in the video marketing solutions sector. Their main focus is to change the world of video communication through their patent pending video technology. Their business model is focused on person to person marketing which is currently being done in 140 countries across the globe. Founded in 2007 the company is head up by its CEO Bob Reina.

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