The Benefits of Switching to FreedomPop

Of all the mobile carriers in the world, there is one mobile carrier that stands out for being both cheap as well as high quality. This mobile carrier is called FreedomPop and was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols. Mr. Stokols created this product to provide people with a top notch mobile service at a cheap price. Mr. Stokols believes that wifi and cellphones should not be a luxury, but should be a right for all people around the world. FreedomPop, within the last five years, has become an international plan that has been the top choice for all of those individuals who are on a budget.

FreedomPop has specifically been targeting parents who have begun adding their child to the family plan. Rather than racking up an expensive phone bill by adding on a new child to an already expensive mobile service, join FreedomPop for the mobile services that are provided for free with only a small signup fee. This mobile carrier has an interesting premise that has decided to offer products that do not ask for payment for the data connection, but instead ask for payment for the data services. The free services that are offered by this company have become famous that include over 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. With many services offered per month, these services are even allowed to roll over to the next month to be used.

This mobile service is unique as it does not rely on cell towers. Instead, FreedomPop relies on wifi hot spots that are found by the millions all over the country. This service is mostly recommended to those who are located in urban areas where wifi is more accessible. To make sure that one will get the best services with FreedomPop, ask a friend or find out how many wifi hot spots are located within the area.

All the products and devices that are offered through FreedomPop are of the highest quality that includes a plethora of phone options, internet, as well as mobile data. If Sprint devices have already been purchased prior to switching to FreedomPop, Sprint devices are now able to be directly brought over to this mobile carrier. With so much to gain and so little to use, FreedomPop has become a fast growing mobile carrier that has become an international company over the past few years of being in business.