The Difficulties Between Gareth Henry & His Home Land Jamaica

There are many challenges being an openly gay human in a country where being gay is frowned upon. Gareth Henry is a Jamaican male born on August 10, 1991 in Kingston Jamaica. Gareth Henry a Jamaican male who is an athlete who plays badminton. He has competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games as well as 2011 and 2015 American Games. Gareth Henry is openly gay also is an avid supporter for all sexual, and gays also known as a J-flag. Gareth Henry has witnessed so much tragedy in his life like when one of his friends were killed in front of his him. Gareth Henry Also experienced many uneventful and terrifying traumas and his past. In February 2007 on Valentine’s Day Henry endured a violent attack from police officers. When police officers arrived on to location they were already abusive an attack started when someone asked an officer if he was a “batty man”, so four policeman started beating him with the butt of their guns. A group of gay men were forced into the Monarch pharmacy located in Kingston Jamaica there was a massive mob chasing these men including police officers, unfortunately Henry was with the crowd and was beat badly by them. Since the attack in 2007 Henry has now fled his home country to live in Canada after he was surrounded with death threats. He was granted asylum. (unable to return home due to certain circumstances) Jamaica is a country where being/supporting gays or any form of the LGBTQ is unacceptable so whenever someone like Henry stands up the country is not very happy at all. Now in current day Henry spends any free time by saving lives in his homeland Jamaica who is apart of the LGBTQ community who are in search of freedom as well as escaping without any consequences like jail time or even death. Jamaica and 75 other caribbean countries have strict laws around consensual same-sex relationships which you will be arrested or killed even if you break these laws, and Henry is fighting extremely hard to change this.