The Fall of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund investor based in Dallas, Texas. The name of his investment company is Hayman Capital Management. In 2006 he became world renowned by foreseeing the 2008 mortgage crisis. In doing so, this prediction allowed him to become quite wealthy. In 2001 he also wrote the script for the Sixth Sense and directed it. Following his prediction of the 2008 mortgage crisis, Bass’s investment career took a sharp decline, while his media career was on the rise. Even though his media career was launching off, he managed to take one step forward in his media career, and two steps backwards in his investing career.

What really made Bass look bad, is his attempt to defend the Argentina financial crisis, even though he was a U.S. investor. Kirchner, the leader of Argentina had the full support of the naive Bass. Bass would later go on to become involved in a scheme where he would select specific pharmaceutical firms, only to short sell their stocks. When Bass’s unethical money scheme was first noticed, he insisted that he was doing no wrong. While Bass insisted that he was trying to reduce the health care cost, others were not so quick to believe so.  The following year in 2011 he predicted that Japan’s economy would crash the following year. Even though Japan’s had yet to crash, Bass still insisted that in 2012 the economy would crash the following year.

It is because of these foolish accusations and predictions, that Bass’s reputation as reputable U.S. investor has gone sour and he has therefore lost all credibility when it comes to the finance and business world. Bass is now involved in oil, and still involved in Argentina’s economy, where he continues to be aggressive with his investments, while others are cutting their losses and making a wise exit. Due to Bass’s scheme, Congress has recently passed a bill that would close the loophole that Bass took full advantage of to exploit the pharmaceutical industry. It is safe to say that Bass is no longer able to infiltrate the loopholes of the investment world, nor does he have any credibility in the the industry in which he was once successful.  There’s more on the faux pas Kyle Bass has made in the full article from UsefulStooges at

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