The Influential Trabuco Bradesco in Bradesco Seguro Bank

Bradesco selected Octavio de Lazari Junior to be in charge of Bradesco Seguro bank. He was the president and vice president of the institution. His appointment was approved by the Organization’s appointment and succession committee. Furthermore, the process was formal where the right procedure was followed in his appointment. Trabuco Bradesco’s companions approved his personal merits. They believed that his influence would improve the bank’s performance in the financial scenarios both nationally and internationally. He served his first term as the board’s chairman. Later, an annual General meeting was held after March 12 where the Executive directors determined his succession.

During a press conference, Trabuco Bradesco stated that his successor would be determined after the following AGO. However, he did not give more details on the succession topic. He added that the council had a timetable to guide them on the events and activities that would take place. In addition, interviews were held in Davos where Trabuco Bradesco mentioned February 10 the deadline for the appointment. Lazari was to lead the bank which is the second largest private bank in the country. It was estimated to contain assets worth 1.3 trillion dollars and a credit portfolio of 493 billion dollars. After his appointment, other executives who were in Trabuco Bradesco’s reign were dismissed. They included Alexander Gluher, Josue Pancini, and Marcelo Noronha. They were in charge of investor relations, agency network, and investment and cards’ bank respectively. Trabuco’s departure was delayed because of the age limit.

In 2016, it was stipulated that an individual could be a CEO with less than 65 to 67 years. After Brandao resigned from the bank in October, the replacement of Trabuco Bradesco was anticipated. However, until 2019, the bank’s presidency could remain in position. He was influential in the bank’s appointments where he chose various names to be listed as shareholders.

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