The Life of Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a supermodel born in London on May 22, 1970. Naomi started her modeling career at the age of fifteen. Naomi was honored as the first black woman on the cover of the French Vogue at the age of eighteen. She was also the first black model that was featured on the cover of Time magazine. But before her modeling career, Naomi attended the London Academy for performing arts and she also attended Dunraven School.

Naomi’s modeling career started with catwalks, but it quickly progressed. She them started to do large campaigns for professional companies such as; Ralph Lauren and Francois Nars. Naomi went on to pose for Playboy, and she was featured on the cover of Madonnas book called, ‘Sex.’

Naomi Campbell was well known for her modeling career, but she also pursued other careers. Naomi pursued an acting and a singing career. Her singing career became pretty popular in Japan. Her album was called, “Baby Woman’ which featured her most popular song called, “Love and Tears.” Her album sold over a million copies.

Naomi was also known for being featured music videos and other films. She was featured in ‘Cool as Ice’, and ‘Miami Rhapsody.’ Naomi also published a self titles photo book, and she had her own perfume line. She is a woman of many talents. In 2013 Naomi created her own television series called, ‘Fame.’ Then in 2015 she starred in ‘Empire.’

Aside from her career she appears to also be a good person. Naomi worked with the good welfare of children in Africa. She has worked with Nelson Mandela since 1997. Naomi is a very successful woman and she still has more talent to come.

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