The Malcolm Casselle Effect

Malcolm Casselle serves as president of WAX, and Chief officer for OPSKINS. Prior to this, he was the Chief Technology Officer as well as president of New Ventures Inc. While there, he was the leader for start up businesses in the digital industry. A few of the Casselle-led operations were: Groupon’s collaborative project with Tencent-China and MediaPass as well as Xfire. Some of Malcolm Casselle’s investments have bee Facebook, ZYNGA and more recently bitcoin-related companies.

He was an early investor in all of these businesses. Malcolm earned a bachelors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Masters degree from Stanford University. His progressive spirit pushes him and has helped everyones whose done business with him. He has played a role in over 30 investments and keeps assisting companies at the ground level. Malcolm also is a mentor and advisor in the technology and digital industry. The world renowned digital coupon service Groupon has complemented his guidance in their joint endeavors. They say he is a team player and knows a lot if information dealing with on numerous areas of cultural strategy. Malcolm Casselle has been the center of Groupon’s most successful projects.

His resume and experience in the industry earns him business opportunities. His referral rate is high because of his stellar experience. People that do business with him often come back to him down the line. His most prominent locations of business are Sankai, Silicon Valley and LA. Malcom’s resume spans over 12 different industries.

His company Worldwide Asset eXchange is a top digital asset for traders. This virtual market place gives a basis for contractors to easily meet virus with sellers. A company like this has a block-chain structure that stops fraud while allowing users to quickly buy and sell digital products without leaving their current game. WAX gives virtual tokens that serve as the currency for purchasing in-game items. Malcom Casselle has ignited the gaming industry and plans to keep innovating.