U.S. Money Reserve Is A Solid Precious Metals Distributor

Gold and other precious metals are preferred as an investment asset by many people looking to build up their portfolios. Not everyone puts a huge amount of their investment funds into precious metals. Some may choose only to a smaller amount. Regardless of the amount procured, the assets do have to be legitimate. U.S. Money Reserve is a credible distributor of gold, silver, and precious metals. Millions of dollars in precious metals have been sold by the Austin, TX company over the years.


U.S. Money Reserves deals heavily in precious metal coins. Coins do have to be 99+% pure in order to be legitimate investment assets. Collectible coins could add even more value to a portfolio. Coins backed by an actual government — meaning they are real — currency is also an important trait. Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve once noted counterfeit bars and bullion imported into the United States do circulate. Purchasing legitimate gold coins eliminates the risk of buying a counterfeit item. Buying from a legitimate seller further decreases the chances of being scammed.


U.S. Money Reserve takes very great care with selecting coins and other assets to sell. A research department invests time and resources into picking coins with the highest collectible potential. And yes, the coins are worth their weight in gold – literally – which means they will always maintain some value from a precious metals market perspective. Those unsure about what particular item to purchase can always call and speak to a sales representative. U.S. Money Reserve puts an enormous amount of focus on delivering solid customer service. The representatives on the phone are more than willing to take the time out to help the potential customer make a proper decision.


A unique e-commerce site has been created for those who wish to buy online. Perusing the website and then purchasing via phone, and talking to a sales representative, is a possibility as well.


U.S. Money Reserve has truly gained a lot of attention in the media thanks to the performance of its executives. The company has also received acclaim for its solid customer service. Even more positive praise for the company is sure to come forward in the future.

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