Upwork: Creating the perfect To-do List

Like many startups in the data/communication industry, the dream of innovating or creating new routes of information was lead by the boom in Silicon Valley. One such company (Upwork) was no different, however, the best person to help grow the company was thousands of miles away in Athens, Greece! However, the team at Upwork knew that this person was the right fit for the companies vision.

Due to the obstacle of having a partner so far away, the team at Upwork would recognize the importance of trustworthy remote work and in addition that other companies might have that same need. So then a new direction was taken in the form of brining great paying jobs to skilled workers and reliable talent to companies.

Upwork’s talented workers don’t just rely on gut feelings about what they should do next, it’s quite the opposite, Upwork recommends that people make a to-do list in an effort to have the most productive team. Here are some ways that you can step up your to-do list which will help you get stuff done!

Capture everything! Most people tend to think that less is more, in fact, the more you have written on your list, the less you’ll have in your head. David Allen, the creator of the renowned GTD Method mentioned that people need to put everything on a list, even if you know you’ll remember it. Why, because our brains tend to want to remind us every minute about it, and the last thing you want is to be carrying a chain of reminders all day long.

Keep everything in one place. Often we get enticed by the latest app that promises to help you to remember to clean or workout, but this can be very detrimental to your list. Having all of our list scattered through multiple apps will no doubt create the perfect storm that is stress and list that doesn’t end up being completed.

Remember, what you do with your list today will determine your future and we care about your future! So, clean it up and get to work.