Wengie’s Smoky Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Look through fashion magazines or check out your favorite female celebrity makeup. Clearly, the cat eye makeup look is gaining great popularity. The cat eye makeup can transform an everyday look to a totally glamorous look that rivals the makeup on those models in high fashion magazines. Mastering the cat eye look is kind of tricky. It’s takes a lot of practice and time to really get the look exactly right. However, Wengie of the Wonderful World of Wengie, gives it to us straight. She shares clever tricks on mastering the smoky cat eye makeup look in this tutorial.
Smoky Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial
The smoky cat eye makeup is perfect for the girl going out on a date, to a special event, or even on daily outings. It is a look that quickly grabs the attention of everyone around. Generally, Wengie’s look is cute and basic. However, Wengie kicks it up a notch with this very seductive smoky eyed look. In this video Wengie creates the smoky cat eye look, contours her face, and creates nude pinky lips. Wengie shows her YouTube viewers the way to achieve the look step by step. The finished product is absolutely amazing on Wengie.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian-Chinese Beauty Blogger and popular YouTuber. She is also the creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie. people across the globe are regular Wengie viewers. On her beauty channel she shares videos on hair, makeup, skincare, routines, DIY, and much more. Her channel is the number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. it is also one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube. Wengie updates her videos on a regular basis. Subscribe to her channel to get the first news about her latest videos on hair, fashion, makeup, and more.

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